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One of the most notable aspects of this job is the exceptional administrative team, who are always very friendly and on the ball. Like every teacher, I have my own Whatsapp group chat with the admin team and they always respond to my queries in a timely manner. The communication with this team is amazing. Moreover, the pay is fair and commensurate with the amount of prep time required for each lesson. This is likely the best ESL company I've worked for.

Glassdoor Teacher Review

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What we offer

Flexible, yet stable schedule 

15.00 GBP per 50 minute class or 20.00 GBP per 60 minute class

All planning and resources provided

 24/7 admin support

​​A dedicated teaching platform 

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What we are looking for

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Long-term availability

For each class that you apply for we expect you to be available long-term for that class at that time. In this manner you can build up a long-term stable schedule of students, giving you both flexibility and stability. 



We expect our teachers to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in their interactions with students, colleagues, and the organization as a whole. This includes punctuality, effective communication, and a commitment to upholding educational standards.



Passion and enthusiasm are infectious, and they play a vital role in the teaching process. We encourage our teachers to bring their genuine enthusiasm for their subjects and teaching into every class. 



Reliability is the bedrock of trust in any educational relationship. We place great importance on teachers being reliable and consistent in their commitments. Students and their families rely on our teachers to provide a structured and dependable learning experience.

Onboarding Process


If you think we would be a great fit for you please send over your CV along with a short 60 second introduction video explaining why to:


If you have been shortlisted we will reach out to schedule an interview through Google Chat - our main method of in-house communication. Due to the high volume of interested teachers, we may not be able to personally respond to each applicant, however if you've been shortlisted you should expect to receive a response within 1-2 weeks. 


Following your interview you should expect to receive confirmation of whether you will be proceeding to the next stage within 3-5 days. If your interview is successful we will then schedule a short induction where you will learn about our systems and processes. 


After you have been inducted you will then be added to your own Whatsapp group with the rest of the admin team and you will be given access to our internal opportunity board where you can apply for classes that you are interested in taking. We expect all teachers to take a minimum of 5 classes per week. Some teachers teach around 20 classes per week with us depending on their availability.  

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