UK Student Exchange 

Our 2 week British student exchange programme incorporates visits to some of the most fascinating places in the UK. During their 2 week stay students will take part in:  

Sightseeing in London


Students will visit: 
  • Big Ben
  • Buckingham Palace
  • The British Museum
  • Greenwich Observatory
  • The Natural History Museum
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Sightseeing in Oxford


Students will visit: 
  • Christchurch College
  • Ashmolean Museum
  • Scenes from the Harry Potter movies

Time in a British school


Students will have the unique opportunity to experience life in the UK as a local. Students will spend the week with a British family along with a friend and will get to experience British education first-hand as they attend a wide range of classes at a local school. 

Sightseeing in Manchester


Students will visit: 
  • Old Trafford - the home of Manchester United
  • The museum of science and industry