Student Exchange Overview


School Collaboration through our Student Exchange Programme allows British and Chinese schools to partner up and participate in reciprocal exchanges between the two countries, giving British schools the opportunity to visit a partner school in China and vice versa.  


As part of the exchange we provide students with the opportunity to be much more than just a tourist, instead our students our welcomed into local family homes, spend time at a local school and become a members of their new community.

Our student exchange programmes are split into two areas. 

1. Chinese schools hosted in the UK (February/June)

2. British schools hosted in China (October)

UK Itinerary

UK Itinerary

Image by Eva Dang
Sightseeing in London

UK Itinerary

Image by delfi de la Rua
Sightseeing in Oxford

UK Itinerary

Time in British school

UK Itinerary

Image by William McCue
Sightseeing in Manchester

 China Itinerary

Image by Hanson Lu
Sightseeing in Beijing
Image by Chiang Kuo
Train to host partner city
Image by Arseniy Kapran
Time in a Chinese school
Image by Edward He
Sightseeing in Shanghai

Our exchange programmes are immensely rewarding and enriching for everyone involved promoting international mindedness and inter-cultural respect and friendship.


Our Exchange programmes provides students with the opportunity to: 

- Join a local family abroad and live life like a local

- Make new friends

- Gain independence and maturity

- Learn about different approaches to teaching and learning


The Chinese proverb “Read a thousand books, Walk a thousand miles”

captures the student exchange’s education model perfectly;

combining textbook knowledge with practical experience!