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Access to Funding

Edunion UK offers a variety of different avenues for schools waiting to embark on their bespoke international adventure. 

We understand the financial restraints that some schools face, if your school is interested in the any of our student exchange programmes or international summer camps there may well be the opportunity to provide funding to reduce the cost of your trip.

Edunion UK works together with local education authorities in China to support our student exchange programmes and other educational cooperatives between the UK and China. As part of this support some of our partner schools are able to apply for funding to help towards the cost of their trip. 

Some of our schools are able to receive between £400 and £600 per student. 


It is our aim to establish long-term, sustainable and friendly partnerships between UK and Chinese schools, promoting mutual understanding and joint learning through reciprocal exchange visits and collaborations. 

To find out if your school may be eligible send us an email and one of advisers will be in touch ! 

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