English Play - Play English

Teaching English through drama

Since 2014 we have been working hard to develop our drama English curriculum. We have identified the need for second language learners to learn new languages in a natural and expressive way and know that drama is the perfect way to do this. Our unique concept is based around our bespoke drama scripts which were written by our team of experts for the purpose of learning language. 

Our students build up their language skills through participating in our fun, interactive and effective language lessons before starting our unique drama lessons designed to empower our students to use the language they have acquired to express themselves creatively in a new language.




Our students are able to showcase what they have learned by taking part in memorable drama performances directed by industry professionals, helping to engage and motivate pupils to achieve.


Our curriculum is fully resourced and has been designed by both language and drama experts. We provide on-going training to the schools using our curriculum and bespoke consultations can be arranged.


English Play - Play English is currently being taught at the top three primary schools in China, as well as other top tier schools in China. We also have our very own curriculum development centre in the Haidian district in Beijing, China.

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