Curriculum Catalogue

Our innovative curriculum can be taught in the classroom, online and also as a combination of the two with our dual class teaching system. 

Classroom curriculum

For this delivery method each lesson is 90 minutes long and is designed to be taught by a single classroom teacher. 

Online curriculum

Our online curriculum follows the same learning framework as our classroom curriculum but is tailored to be delivered online. We use a wide range of engaging activities to keep students engaged and each lesson is 45 minutes long. 

We use specially adapted drama resources so that our curriculum can be enjoyed by smaller class sizes online. 

Dual-Class curriculum

Our innovative dual class curriculum combines the convenience and cost effectiveness of our online curriculum with all the benefits that a full classroom experience can bring. By combining the practical expertise of a classroom teacher along with the expert knowledge and skills of an online teacher we have created a fantastic learning experience for students to take advantage of. 

Curriculum Overview

Discover more about how the EPPE curriculum is structured and why it is the perfect way for students to learn English.

Curriculum Catalogue

Explore the wide range of purpose written stories and drama scripts that we can offer.

Free EPPE Trial

We are confident that educators will love the EPPE curriculum which is why we are excited to be able to offer 3 free trial lessons across all of our language levels. 

We are able to provide online, classroom and dual classroom trial lessons so please get in contact with us to find out more.