China Student Exchange

Our 2 week student exchange programme in China incorporates visits to some of the most fascinating places in China. During their 2 week stay students will take part in:  

Sightseeing in Beijing


Image by Ling Tang
Students will visit: 
  • The Great Wall
  • The Forbidden City
  • The Temple of Heaven

Train journey to partner school city


Image by 戸山 神奈
Students will have an authentic and varied Chinese experience as they travel through the Chinese countryside to visit one of our partner schools in fascinating coastal locations such as Qingdao in the East of China or Fuzhou in the South. 

Time in a Chinese school


Students will not only have the opportunity to experience life as a student in China, they will also have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of cultural activities. These include: 
  • Visiting a traditional Chinese tea house
  • Taking part in a Taiqi lesson
  • Learning about porcelain at a local museum

Sightseeing in Shanghai


Image by Ralf Leineweber
Students will visit: 
  • The Bund waterfront area
  • Shanghai museum
  • ZhuJiaJiao water town