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Student Exchange

School Collaboration through our Student Exchange Programme allows UK and Chinese schools to partner up and offer an alternative firsthand method to international learning. An exchange is an experience that allows you to be much more than a tourist, as you will be welcomed into a local family home, school and the community. 

Our student exchange programme is made up of two parts;
1.Leading your school exchange group to China  (October/April/May)

  • Spend time in a Chinese school and host family.

  • Explore a country of over 6000 years of history and experience China's unique blend of ancient and modern civilization.

2.Hosting your partner school here in the UK. (February/June/October) 

  • Share with your partner school the wonders of the Britain, view your world through  your international visitors eyes.

Both are immensely rewarding and enriching for everyone involved as it enables global awareness and internationalism to not only be promoted for those students that visit China, but also throughout the school during the hosting period.

Our schools are partnered through a selective process, and are based on the type of school, school specialisms, achievements, objectives and learning goals of the proposed partnership giving exchange schools the best head start on their road to international collaboration.

 UK Exchange students and their Chinese counterparts will:

- Join a local family and live life like a local

- Make new friends

- Gain independence and maturity

- Learn about different approaches to teaching

Sample itineraries can be found here 

Read a thousand books, walk a thousand miles.



The Chinese proverb “Read a thousand books, Walk a thousand miles”

captures the student exchange’s way of educating students, the

combination of textbook knowledge with practical experience !

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