The Soccer Syllabus website sets out to lead the way with improving  football coaching standards throughout schools in China. The website and App version of the coach management system enables coaches deliver high quality coaching sessions during P.E lessons, school teams sessions, and proffesional academy coaching sessions.

Stephen Daley, the father-of-two is the captain of England’s Futsal team and     has played 117 games for the country – overtaking David Beckham as the most capped outfield player for England. Mr Daley in 2007, amongst some of the   most influential people in football, was also inducted into the National Football   Hall of Fame in 2007. Mr Daley, together with Edunion UK, have designed a  Web Based product designed to communicate and support teachers/coaches delivery, guide and support the

implementation of session planning in games and Football,

provide a structured programme to develop young people’s learning in multi-skills and football development, provide mentor support in

the journey of football development in China.

The Football Syllabus