Learning English is challenging because of the grammatical and idiomatic 

complexity. Pronunciation and natural patterns (and confidence) can take a 

long time to develop orally even when the learner does well in reading and 

writing. Large class sizes make it difficult for the teacher to hear students    
 individually and to check understanding, this in turn can lower learner           motivation and cause pupils to ‘tune-out’ in listening and speaking activities.


The English Play-Play English course (EPPE) is designed to incorporate 

English vocabulary and syntax structure into a British themed pantomime or  play suitable for children aged 6-13 . Drama, story-telling, movement, dance,  poetry and song are at the heart of this curriculum. The curriculum includes a wide variety of building block activities  which fit together to prepare pupils    for their final theatrical performance. Pupils, through this curriculum, are
able to enter into a world of English story tale, 
music and imagination, and
are encouraged to express and experiment, 
repeat and reinforce.

English Play - Play english course (EPPE)