Student Exchange
overseas adventure   -    complete immersion    -    new begginings

The recent support from both UK and Chinese governments is driving the

increase of UK-CHINA exchange programmes, new partnership schemes

such as “UK-China School Partnerships Programme” supports knowledge

exchange and partnership opportunities between the UK and partner

countries on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and

Shakespeare education approaches. Edunion UK since 2013 has been

working as the bridge between the UK and China, assisting schools with

exchange related funding applications, arranging student exchange              
programmes, and
organizing international science & art projects between    
partner schools.

Students that take part on Edunion UK's exchange programme receive the
real local experience in both the UK and China. Teachers are opened up to a
complete different approach to teaching, and students are immersed
into a new, foreign culture, all organised with one aim: To promote a better  
of cultural and linguistic differences among youth      

Students that take part on the programme will:
- Join a local family and live life like a local
- Make new friends
- Gain independence and maturity
- Learn about different approaches to teaching

The Chinese proverb “Read 10 thousand books, Walk 10 thousand miles”
captures the student exchange’s way of educating students, the
combination of textbook knowledge with practical experience !

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