Edunion's experienced team of professional drama and language specialists every year join hands to put on a fun, theatrical summer camp experience for
children of all ages. Throughout the Edunion summer camp, drama is used as a tool to create context for language learners,  the camps high level of
interaction engages students in their learning, enabling them use their newly acquired language skills in a fun, low- pressure environment.

Throughout the 2 weeks, students (in their target language) are taken into a world of story tale, music and imagination, breaking the monotony of
traditional language camps. The constant interaction between local British and Chinese students enables language to be used both in and out the
classroom, as they work together to put on a final theatrical performance! A fun, international and unique experience for all!

The Edunion UK summer camp welcomes both international and local British students and is currently open for registration!

Chinese (Basic- Intermediate) & Drama – August 2018

Chinese (Advanced) & Drama- August 2018

English ( Basic- Intermediate) & Drama – August 2018

English (Advanced) & Drama – August 2018

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Drama Camp

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."