About us
Edunion UK LTD  is an education services company based in the
north-west of England. Since establishing in 2013, Edunion UK has
developed an extensive network of private and public schools in both China and the UK, and works as the bridge between the two countries education institutions, organizing international school projects,
teacher training, and student exchange programmes.
Curriculum development

Edunion has also been referred to as a ‘Curriculum Research Centre’. Over the last 5 years Edunion has developed a numberof curriculums

including Drama English (EPPE), Primary P.E, The Football Syllabus, and also works as an agent for a number of STEM focused

Curriculums in the Chinese market.


Edunion UK is based in the University of Central Lancashire’s business

incubation centre, Preston and is a registered member of the International Association of English as a Foreign Language, British Education

Research Association and The National Association for the Teaching of